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Religious Founders’ Day Speakers Address ‘Unity Among Nations’ and How it Relates to Kindness

Continuing a tradition of multi-faith dialogue in Adelaide, South Australia, representatives from five religious communities met recently to share thoughts on what the founders of their faiths taught about unity among nations and how harmony relates to kindness.

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Lane Rochow, a representative for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was grateful for the opportunity to participate.

He said, “We are inspired by our Ahmadiyya Muslim friends. It is always a privilege to be invited to participate in the ongoing effort to strengthen relationships in our community and across the various participating faiths.”

The gathering was at the invitation of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Australia, South Australia Community, whose members organised and hosted the “Religious Founders’ Day” at their Noor Mosque in Morphett Vale, as they have done for several years.

Saleem Shaukat, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Secretary for Harmony and Interfaith, indicated the purpose of these events is to promote mutual understanding and respect.

Mr Rochow spoke alongside Surjeet Singh, Sikh Society of SA; Rajendra Pandey, President of SA Chapter of Vishva Hindu Parishad; and Dr Ron Hoenig, Australian Council of Christians and Jews; with the closing remarks by Fareed Bajwa, President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association’s SA Community.

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Each speaker explained their fundamental beliefs, focusing on shared tenets. Most unifying was the shared belief that we are all connected spiritually and have a duty to care for one another.

“The coming together of five faiths is a beautiful example of peace,” said Uneeb Mirza, who conducted the event.

The gathering was well attended by members of the community. Raymond C. Phillips, Bishop of the Happy Valley Ward (congregation) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said, “I believe that these types of events are glowing examples of what can be achieved to enhance love, respect and harmony between our different faiths…In our religion, we respect all faiths and recognise the good that we all contribute to the greater community.”

The wonderful evening was capped off with a delicious, authentic Middle Eastern dinner graciously prepared by members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association for their guests.

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