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New Zealand Cousins Say Their Faith Helped Them Save Man from Drowning

15 year old Sadieux Tua, along with his cousin Brenton Tua, 17 — both members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — say their faith gave them the courage to enter rough ocean waters last month to save a man from drowning.

Sadieux and Brenton, while enjoying a family camping trip at Takou Bay on 17 January, heard several other campers calling out that someone in the water was in trouble. 

People in the area ran down to the beach. They could see a swimmer frantically waving his arms and screaming for assistance. The currents were strong and no one seemed willing to battle the dangerous surf.



After saying a quick prayer the two young men grabbed their boogie boards and rushed into the water in an effort to save the man. 

The waters were so rough the young men were forced to abandon their boards. They managed to swim to the man, who indicated that his friend — a woman — was also in the water and in need of assistance. 

Sadieux helped the exhausted man, who was holding onto a flutter board, back to the beach, while Brenton swam further out to help the woman.

Once Sadieux had the man safely on the beach, he swam back out to help his cousin. He was immediately caught in a rip and forced back to the beach.

Brenton was able to pull the woman to the beach. The cousins’ aunt —  a nurse — gave her CPR until paramedics arrived. Sadly, the woman passed away.

Onlookers and Police officers said the young men did everything possible to save the man and woman.

Sadieux says his faith in Jesus Christ helped him to do what he needed to do on that day and has been a comfort and strength to him since the experience. 





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