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LDS Tongan TVET Students Harvest Tomatoes for Local Hospital

This year, agriculture students from forms 4, 6 and 7 at Saineha High School in Vava’u planted and harvested tomatoes and then donated much of the produce to the Prince Wellington Ngu Hospital.


Saineha High School is operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Form 4 agriculture students completed a practical on seedbed preparation and transplanting of the tomatoes. They practiced and improved their skills in both land preparation and management.

Form 6 and 7 agriculture classes helped the younger students transplant the 200 seedlings into a nearby field.


Throughout term 3 of the school year the tomatoes matured as they bloomed with flowers and eventually bore fruit.

Form 7 agriculture classes were responsible for managing and harvesting the tomatoes. They packed the fruit in boxes and delivered them to the hospital.


Doctors, nurses, and patients of the hospital expressed gratitude as the students presented them several large boxes of beautiful tomatoes. One of the nurses said, “Not only do the patients benefit, but we workers took some tomatoes home for our families to use for cooking our meals."


The form 7 students gained love for the hospital patients as they interacted together. One student commented “ All the hard work and effort put forth into the tomato plantation was worth it for us to donate to Ngu Hospital.”

Saineha High School intends to continue this project into the future. Each year agriculture students will grow and harvest tomatoes to donate to Ngu Hospital.

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