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Wellington Mormon Woman Learns About Fasting as Practiced by Muslims

Shares her experience with fasting and fast offerings, as a Latter-day Saint

Wellington woman, Tania Torea, recently accepted an invitation to attend the Annual Iftar—or breaking of fast—hosted by the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) and Michael Wood MP.

The event took place at New Zealand’s parliament building in downtown Wellington.

“Iftar is a lovely tradition, the sharing of a meal with neighbours and friends,” Mrs Torea said.

“I went with a desire to learn. I was pleased to share with my Muslim friends that I as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also fast, pray and give offerings to help people in need.”



The Church designates one Sunday each month, usually the first Sunday, as a day of fasting. Members are invited to go without food and drink for two consecutive meals, or approximately 24 hours. They are also invited to contribute the money they would have spent on food for those meals to the Church. This money is called a fast offering. The Church uses the fast offerings to assist the poor and needy around the world.

Mormons believe that fasting brings them closer to God. They also believe that the fast offerings they donate bring relief and support to people in need. Millions of Mormons around the world choose to participate in a monthly fast and to donate fast offerings as part of their efforts to follow the example and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Watch a short video on caring for the poor and needy among us.


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