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Tongan Faith Communities Join Together in Auckland 

In an effort to build relationships with their friends of other faiths, the Mt. Roskill 2nd Ward (Tongan congregation) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently held two cultural activities. 

Ward members were organised into four groups and invited their friends from other faiths to participate in an evening of singing. 

Music directors were appointed from various churches in the community and rehearsed with the four interfaith choirs, including a children's choir. 

Amongst the churches represented were Catholic, Wesleyan, Methodist, and Church of Tonga. 

As a prelude to the musical devotional, a large feast was held the prior evening. Guests were greeted with tables laden with roasted pigs, fresh fruit, cakes, and a large variety of traditional Tongan dishes. 

Approximately 100 friends of other faiths gathered with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and many of the guests performed traditional dances.


Leaders of many of the faiths spoke and expressed gratitude for being invited to participate in the two events.

As a display of appreciation, three quilts and Tongan handicrafts such as large handwoven mats were presented to those who hosted the event, including one for the head music director. 

Bishop Kaufusi, leader of the Mt. Roskill 2nd Ward, spoke of bridges being built between the churches and of doors being opened. 

In speaking of Sunday evening's musical devotional, Bishop Kaufusi said, "The Spirit of the night was so strong to bring tears into the whole congregation. It was through prayers of our [ward] council meeting and how we want to break down the barriers between us and other faiths. . . It was a blessing to witness the love of our Savior."   


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