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Social Media Enable More People to Follow Apostle’s Visit to Australia and New Zealand

When Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and his wife Sister Susan Bednar, visited Australia and New Zealand last month, interested people throughout the world were able to access information about their visit via the Internet — in particular by using social media.

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Also visiting the Pacific Area with the Bednars in February were Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the Presidency of the Seventy, and his wife, Sister Jan Robbins.

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Their visit to the South Pacific has led to many people engaging in online discussions about what they heard and what they are now planning to do after participating in various meetings with the Bednars and Robbins.

In response to the questions: “What did I hear?” and “What will I do?” after attending one of the meetings with Elder Bednar last month, some have been taking to social media to share their feelings. 

A sample of comments on the Facebook page include:

“I learnt that my current circumstances and focusing on what I don't have is pointless, and all that matters is my discipleship as it's the most important thing. If I'm a strong disciple of Jesus Christ then the rest will fall into place.”

“I will never be able to achieve perfect balance so it’s more I need to focus on which ever area in my life needs the most attention and making sure I do that part well and then move to the next area. And that the Holy Ghost works one on one, one by one.”

“To live with more faith by listening to the promptings of the Spirit rather than relying on what people say. To raise the bar on my own spirituality.”

During their visit, the Bednars and Robbins spoke to Latter-day Saints and others in Sydney, Auckland and Melbourne on a variety of topics including: increasing faith in Jesus Christ; becoming more faithful disciples of Jesus Christ; strengthening marriages and families; sharing Latter-day Saint beliefs with others; leadership; and serving others.  

Many people in other parts of Australia and New Zealand who could not attend meetings in person were able to hear the visiting leaders’ messages via live satellite broadcast or webcast.

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Pacific Mormon Newsroom and Australia Mormon Newsroom reported on the various meetings and other activities during this time, allowing for interested people around the world to also read about — and then share with others via social media — the Church leaders’ messages.

Some of the messages included:

“In the strength of the Lord you can do all things.”

“In the world in which we live we will be soldiers together, fighting for what is right.”

“The Father’s plan of happiness is — as we, His children, come to earth — that we will make good choices so that we may be worthy to return to Him.”

“If Christ is at the top of everything we do, many of the frustrations that we experience with one another don’t seem to matter so much anymore.  They’re all put back into perspective and can be overlooked and forgiven.”

“You are part of a world-wide force of disciples of Christ.”

“Faith is an action word.  Invite those you teach to act.” 

“The best question to ask in a relationship is, ‘Lord is it I?’ — meaning ‘Am I the one who needs to change?'"

“You don’t get over the selfish natural man or natural woman tendencies by yourself, it takes the redeeming power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.”

“The decisions we make as leaders are important. They aren’t just about us, but all those who will come after us.”

Watch a video featuring Elder David A. Bednar speaking about the power of sharing uplifting messages with others via social media.

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