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Service With a Smile

Spending a long day sorting, labeling, packing and lifting heavy boxes of books does not seem like something to smile about, but for a group of missionaries, enthusiasm and smiles accompanied a long day of hard work.

The missionaries, who are serving in the New Zealand Auckland Mission, joined 'Mormon Helping Hands' volunteers, to box and load over 42,000 children's reading books donated by individuals and organizations throughout the lower part of the north island. Within a few weeks, the books will find their way to children living in remote villages of Fiji, where educational resources and reading books are in short supply.

"We are grateful for the much needed service provided so willingly by the missionaries, said 'Books for Fiji' Project Director Eileen Mueller. "The day's work could not have been completed without their help."

Helping their neighbors, communities and even people in far away countries, is a part of missionary life and a way these missionaries put their faith into action. They talk about looking to Jesus Christ as their example and what it means to serve others:
"I think this is a great opportunity to help out our brothers and sisters all over the world. I know that books are a very important way to learn and study. I love helping others whenever I can." - Elder Strantz Wihongi

"It will probably mean a lot, knowing that there are people around the world that do care for them and know their needs and will help in any way we can. It will help them feel a special love from their Latter-day Saint brothers and sisters. " - Sister Burengarenza Taabua
"There really is no joy equal to the joy that comes from seeing a smile on another caused by you, or to see a life touched by your efforts. If everyone cultivated the attitude of 'helping hands', our world would know no selfishness." - Sister Jessica Cameron

"We are taught to follow Christ, to follow in his footsteps. We know Christ is our greatest example in all things and what greater service was rendered to us all than the Atonement? He has paid the highest price for every soul. The least we can do individually, is to help each of these souls live more fulfilled lives. As those in Fiji feel the touch of 'helping hands' they will seek to know more about the work of God and his Gospel." - Sister Jessica Cameron


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