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Pacific Congregations Discuss Personal and Family Plans for 2021

Area leaders present key focus points to help Church members as they set their goals

On Sunday 31 January, congregations of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and the islands of the Pacific, met in special meetings to discuss how they can better follow the Saviour’s example in everyday life.

Members listened to a video presentation from the Area Presidency and then had discussions about how they “walk in the light of Christ.”

Elder Ian S. Ardern, Elder K. Brett Nattress and Elder Kazuhiko Yamashita presented several key focus points for Church members to consider as they set goals for personal and family growth in 2021.


A group of Auckland Latter-day Saints shared their thoughts about what they want to focus on in 2021:

“The changes we can make are small but they are very significant. I have the ‘Walk in the Light’ app on my phone and I’m going to fill that in as a reminder for me. I think it’s more of doing the basics and getting into the habits again.”     

Keretina, Henderson

“The Saviour promises that when we seek Him, we will find joy. I’ve felt the most peace come into my life when I take time every day to pray, meditate, listen to hymns and on Sundays to really work to keep the Sabbath day holy.” 

Janna, Whangarei

“I liked seeing examples from other members like me about what they are doing to walk in the light.”

Olivia, Auckland

“We are each on a different journey in this life with the goal of eternal life. We can look horizontally and compare ourselves to others or we can look vertically towards God and receive inspiration that helps us walk in the light.”

Dallin, Takapuna

“One thing I am going to do is to renew my temple recommend. It has expired since we don’t have a temple open. I am also going to continue to read the Book of Mormon as well as doing ‘Come, Follow Me’ lessons for our family. One is immediate and one I will do on a daily basis.”

Jean, Takapuna

In the past I’ve always thought about the three basics: Going to church, reading scriptures and praying. Now I try to find opportunities not just to study but to live the gospel by offering up myself in acts of service, being His hands. It is through acts of service that the Lord speaks to me. Walking in the light of Christ is somewhere you can see everything and you feel safe.”

Sam-Irea, Auckland

A new version of the “Walk in the Light of Christ” app has been developed for 2021 that allows people to use their smartphones to access the topics of the Area Focus, and can track their progress towards daily, weekly and monthly personal goals. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices searching under the name “Pacific Area Focus.”

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