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New Health Clinic to Serve the Community of Bonriki, Kiribati

On 9 August the Honorable Rauanei Maea, Minister of Health for the Republic of Kiribati, officially opened the new Bonriki Health Clinic at a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Other government officials in attendance included Permanent Secretary, Kaaro Neeti; and Deputy Director of Public Health, Teanibuaka Tabunga.

President Iotua Tune, First Counselor in the Marshall Islands/Kiribati Mission Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was also in attendance.



Elder Daniel and Sister Rebecca Kitchen, full-time humanitarian missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, represented LDS Charities (LDSC) at the event.

Local leaders expressed their delight that the project, first approved in 2016, was completed and ready to serve the residents in the area.

Henry Featheran, a skilled tradesman from Christmas Island, finished the much-anticipated facility with great care and attention to detail.

Mr. Featheran added his own touches to personalize the clinic including painted artwork and handmade wooden benches and tables that will offer a comfortable setting for those waiting to be seen at the clinic.


With white, hand-painted letters, the craftsman also officially named the new facility the “Amazing Star of Bonriki Health Clinic.”

LDSC partners with local organisations such as the Kiribati Ministry of Health and other community service groups throughout the Pacific who understand the unique needs of the communities they serve, and then assist to develop local solutions.

LDSC provided building materials for the clinic; Tungaru Central Hospital (TCH) secured the electrical work; and Henry Featheran provided labour and supervision on behalf of the Benetoka community.


A nurse will be stationed at the clinic operated by TCH which will serve the community in the Bonriki Area.

Watch a short video on maternal and newborn care, an LDS Charities initiative.


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