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Latter-day Saints Prepare for Worldwide Conference

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout New Zealand, the Pacific Area, and worldwide are preparing to take part in this weekend's semi-annual General Conference.

For New Zealander Jeremy Higgins, General Conference is a very special time of year.

"We've found that making the most out of General Conference means planning and preparing both temporally and spiritually," he said.

"We plan well in advance to make sure that conference weekend is clear of outside distractions. With young toddlers my wife and I take turns attending the various sessions. Whoever happens to be at home with the kids will also have the corresponding session playing online in the background. For any sessions that are missed or not 'absorbed' due to the distraction of caring for children we plan carefully to view the sessions at home during the evenings.

"I've found that going to conference with specific questions and praying sincerely for an open heart and mind helps significantly to focus and prepare in the weeks leading up to this most treasured event."

Australian Latter-day Saint Mark Allen says he "loves the messages of General Conference."

"What a blessing it is to hear what living prophets and apostles have to say to the world," he said. "When you are prepared and spiritually in tune, the Lord will speak to you many times over as these messages are delivered."

"During the last conference I sat and watched a family who had printed out copies of all of the talks (we were watching a week after the live broadcast). They listened and read the words simultaneously with highlighter pens in hand, noting the parts which had particular relevance to them. It was a great example to me of how important General Conference should be for each of us."

He adds: "I can't count the number of times I have thought that the speaker had prepared his or her message 'just for me!"

For information on how to view, listen to or read conference proceedings, go here.


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