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Fijian Woman Receives Prestigious Honour for Scholastic Achievment

'Even with the odd hours I kept, there was always a home-cooked meal and a family member to ask how my day went.'

The youngest of 12 siblings, 27-year old Patricia (Pat) Loga recently graduated with a master’s degree in Commerce in the field of Management and Public Administration from the University of the South Pacific.

For outstanding work on her thesis, The Introduction of Performance Appraisal Systems in the Fiji Ministry of Health, Pat received a “gold medal” from the School of Commerce. His Excellency, Jioji Konrote, President of Fiji, presented the medal to her in a ceremony at the University.



“I encountered many challenges during my thesis writing journey, perhaps the most predominant−the discipline demanded for such a project,” commented Pat. “ My mental and emotional capacity was stretched so thin that I lost touch with most of my close friends. I could only manage time with my six-year old daughter, my family and my studies.”

“Family is everything,” says Loga. “I'm a solo mum and feel blessed that I had the support and help from my family."

Pat recalls that her mother who now is 70 years old, "opened the door for me when I got home regardless of the time. Even with the odd hours I kept, there was always a home-cooked meal and a family member to ask how my day went."

During the frenzy of writing a thesis, teaching undergraduate courses and being a single parent, Pat accepted a call from her Mormon Bishop to be a teacher in the Primary organisation. She would later be called to be a Stake Relief Society Secretary. Pat also attended an institute class once a week where she studied religion.

“Rather than draw energy from me, my Primary and Relief Society callings along with institute study, added emotional and mental well-being to my busy life," said Pat. 

"I learned that my time belonged to Heavenly Father and not to me. From that moment forward when I set my alarm for the next morning after each heavily loaded day, my clock would tell me that I had eight hours to go before my alarm would sound again.”

“The hour that I spent in institute class once a week was spiritually fulfilling, recalls Pat. "My stress levels would mellow down, and I was at peace as I was spiritually fed".

"Life was never meant to be perfect nor easy," says Pat. "But I have learned a valuable life lesson− that when I lose myself; I find myself."

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