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Fijian Latter-day Saints React to News of Prophet's Visit

Yesterday it was announced that President Russell M. Nelson, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and his wife, Sister Wendy Nelson, are coming to the South Pacific in May.


They will be accompanied by Elder Gerrit W. Gong of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and his wife Sister Susan Gong; and Elder O. Vincent Haleck and Sister Peggy Haleck.

The following are some reactions to the news from Latter-day Saints in Fiji:


“When I first heard of it I became very emotional and overwhelmed with gratitude. President Nelson coming to our island home is a visit that I excitedly and rejoicingly look forward too. I feel he will be coming with instructions, directions and admonitions specifically for us in the isles of the sea. To which I feel we must prayerfully and carefully prepare for. I feel so blessed to be in the presence of a living prophet." Sister Ana Tabakisuva, Nasinu.

“The last time a prophet visited our land was when President Hinckley visited in 1998, I believe. I was among the choir that sang 'We thank thee o God for a Prophet' at the National Stadium. I can still remember the warm feeling that I felt in my heart as we sang and saw him entering the stadium. In the middle of the hymn, I felt tears flowing down my face and as I looked around me, almost everyone around me had tears and a glow about their faces. Some people go through their entire life without having this special experience with the prophet but I am one of the fortunate ones to see a living prophet not only once, but it looks like I’ll get that privilege again next month. And yes, I can’t wait to sing 'We thank thee o God for a Prophet.' It’s definitely a tremendous blessing to have the prophet visit our land." Bishop Lote Qima, Tamavua.

“With the Prophet’s visit being announced, I feel that the Lord remembers His people in the isles of the sea and my testimony of this has been strengthened. I feel spiritually blessed to have to look forward to the Prophet’s visit and my love for the gospel continues to grow." William Ratusaki, Principal, Fiji Church College.

“I feel that this is a blessing for everyone in Fiji, not just members but everyone.” Bishop Ratu G. Koroibanuve, Nasinu.

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