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Elder and Sister Rasband Meet Returning Students at Airport

As Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve, in the company of his wife Sister Melanie Rasband and Elder Ian. S. Ardern, Pacific Area President, and his wife Sister Paula Ardern, waited to clear immigration in Nadi, Fiji they were surprised to see a group of smiling and waving students in another line.

It soon became clear that the students were traveling from Tonga, where they had been attending a Church high school, and were on their way back to their homes in Papua New Guinea.


Some had completed their final year at school while others had completed their first of a three year high school experience away from their families.

For all of them, the chance of a high school education in a Church environment is an opportunity not to be missed, even though it means being in a foreign country for a year at a time away from family and friends.

For these Papua New Guinean students, no price is too great to gain an education that will help them gain meaningful employment to support themselves and their future families.

On arrival in the baggage area, Elder Rasband waited for the students to clear customs so he could greet them.

As the students came down the escalator one by one, they were excited to see Elder and Sister Rasband waiting to spend a personal moment with them. Faces lit up with delight as each student shared their name and spoke of their experiences.

A chance meeting in an airport and 28 young men and women were ministered to by an Apostle and his wife and taught that they are of great worth and loved.

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