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Christian Perspectives Shared at Ramadan Interfaith Events

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Queensland and Victoria, Australia, were recently invited to share their faith’s perspectives at interfaith meals and discussions during the month of Ramadan.


In Queensland, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community hosted an interfaith “Iftar,” or evening meal, at the Baitul Masroor Mosque in Stockleigh. As part of the program, representatives of different faith groups were invited to speak on the topic “Fasting in my Religion.”

James Stone, a member of the Brisbane Australia Beenleigh Stake (group of congregations) of the Church, was invited to speak about fasting from a Christian perspective, in particular those of the Latter-day Saints.

To celebrate the end of Ramadan, Alice Watson, Director of Communication for the Melbourne Australia Gippsland Stake, in Victoria, attended an "Eid ul Fitri" event under the auspices of Cardinia Interfaith Network (CIN) and held at Pakenham’s Outlook Community Centre.

Federal MP, Jason Wood; VMC Deputy Chair, Bwe Thay; Cardinia Shire councillors; and Cardinia Interfaith Network committee members and friendsused with permission from Daniel Hoang

She shared perspectives on the importance of religious festivals in Christianity as well as the commemorations of the Priesthood Restoration and the organisation of the Relief Society, which are unique to the Church.

At both events, guests met to share a meal and participate in meaningful discussions about faith, fasting, gratitude, and the importance of unity within multicultural communities.

CIN Vice-chairperson, Manir Zaman, noted that “all faiths promote the same core values of love, respect and service.”

Arslan Arif, a member of the Queensland Faith Communities Council, shared, “This has been a great time. Fasting as part of Ramadan is a time of gratitude and I am grateful for taking time to reflect and connect with God.”

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints observe fasting by voluntarily going without food and drink for a 24-hour period once a month, and by giving a donation to assist in feeding those who are struggling financially.

Combined with sincere prayer, Latter-day Saints believe fasting can give spiritual strength, bring a closeness to God and better prepare them to receive God’s blessings.

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