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Supporter of Siblings’ Education Now Pursues Her Own Studies


Polly Hola Moli, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has made great sacrifices for her parents and nine brothers and sisters. She has always wanted to go to college but, being the oldest daughter, felt strongly the influence of the Tongan cultural tradition of caring for her family.

Growing up in Tonga, Polly attended the Liahona High School. During her last year there she would daily take the shuttle to the LDS Service Centre for work in her first job. She remembers receiving her first paycheck and being elated at its amount. “Is this correct? It must be a mistake,” she recalls thinking.

Having earned what she considered a large amount of money, she determined that she didn’t want to continue her education. She was the oldest girl of nine children. She felt she needed to help her parents raise the other seven younger children.

After the temporary job ended, another opportunity came up for her at the service centre. She worked hard in this part-time job and after three months she received a pay increase. She was satisfied with what she was earning.

One of Polly’s goals was to help her siblings go to Brigham Young University – Hawaii. Three of them have now received their bachelor degrees because of her assistance.

From an early age Polly knew that education was important and that she could earn more if she received a college degree. Nevertheless, she was satisfied with what she was doing. She could then help her siblings go to BYU – Hawaii.

But still, fulfilling a dream was frequently in her thoughts. Polly remembers asking herself “How can I fulfill this goal?” Paying the costly tuition at a local university was impossible. A flyer telling about “PathwayConnect,” an online education program offered by the Church, came to her attention. The cost was only $21 per college credit hour.

“This is it. I have to go back to college,” Polly realized.

Meanwhile, she has had opportunities to earn income for her family. After taking free sewing classes she is now making curtains and rugs. She has also developed skills in making patterns and using stencils. Another opportunity has opened up for her and she is now working at a local hardware store.


Husband, Salesi, and five children round out Polly’s family. She currently serves in the Young Women youth organization in her congregation. Time is limited but she realizes that the Pathway program has been created for working individuals.


While growing up, it wasn’t unusual for Polly’s mother to study late at night. That example gives her encouragement. And with the PathwayConnect program an education is possible. With determination and support from her husband, an education is in Polly’s future.


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